1. Bike Rentals$25 Daily – Weekly $125
  2. Surfboard Rentals $20 Daily – Weekly $100
  3. We offer free delivery & Pickup at every location Please call or Book online.

All Kayak Tours take Place in Indian River Lagoon. Paddle through our salt marsh and out into the backwaters of the Lagoon while scanning the water for dolphins and manatees, watching the shorelines and the skies for a variety of birds and learning about the distinctive salt-water plant life that thrives in the lagoon. Paddling a kayak offers a gentle way to view wildlife up close and to learn about the importance of an estuary. We offer our tours with Paddle Boards & Kayaks. $80 per person. The tour lasts over two hours! This is a great family or couple activity. We look forward to sharing central Florida’s Hidden gems with you.